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European vs North American Exhibition Matches Scheduled for Sunday June 30/2013 at 3pm eastern Time.... Teams Please check in on TS


July 30, 2013

A1 North American iFT Champs

Hey Everyone:

A1 are North American Champs in the iFT Division after defeating oK in a 2 game Championship last night.

oK ended up finishing first in the regular season with an impressive record and also went undefeated in the Double Elimination Round Robin Tournament. A1 had their work cut out for them and had to beat them twice -- A1 did just that and in 2 matches went on to become North American iFT Champs.

The roster for A1 included:

Sotrix, Xaiolynn, Terminated, and Fear.

oK's roster included:

B4silisk, RoyalPain, Reflex, and PopcornChicken.

The Admin would like to thank all the teams for their participation and excellent sportsmanship during the year and in the playoffs.




SOG Are The World FT Champions

SOG1 are first EVER All Weapon World Champions. SOG1 beat the Euro champs SMEG yesterday in a hard fought battle that pitted both the Euro and North American champs from their respective divisions against one another. It was an excellent show of sportsmanship and all around good team play that we witnessed.

SOG1's roster:

Fl4tOuT, MysteryX, ASMD, Kloser, Sassy,Vena, Dedolor, Spiked1, and ckrim.



SYN Are World iFT Champions

The first EVER World Champions for iFT was decided today as SYN took on eA for the title. In a hard fought battle by both squads SYN came out on top and garnished the name World iFT Champions. The scores in the games were as follows; 20-15 for SYN, 20-7 for SYN and 20-10 for SYN.

SYN's roster:

Sico, ASD, hypnoi, amaZe, and burzykk.

eA's roster:

ElementX, SOLO, Twisted, and Flyy.

I would like to comment on the World Class entertainment that both teams treated us to. This was a World Class Match with World Class Players, their talent is amazing and their sportsmanship is to be mentioned as well as both teams displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the entire match and in negotiations for match settings as well. If you missed the live broadcast, please check Boxys channel for a replay of the entire match. The Admins would like to thanks ALL the players for the World Class talent displayed in this years league and we hope for many more.



SOG Are WFL All Weapons North American Champs!

SOG1 defeated OSX for the second time to win the All Weapons North American Championship. SOG1 had to defeat OSX 2 times in the double elimination format. The first game was a hard fought battle and went point for point up until the end. The second game saw SOG1's full All Weapons experience show through and they once again triumphed.

SOG1's roster:

Diggler, MysteryX, Soup, Kloser, Sassy, Vena, Dedolor, Spiked1, and ckrim.

OSX's roster:

CooTeR, SeaWeeD, ShadowGnu, yikes, arny, valk0n, moshiro, Brutal1ty, jones, and Whaz.

The WFL would like to thank All the teams and players that were so patient and positive in our first season and for participating in making our community grow. The WFL would also like to thank Diggler for running all the communications for the league. Thanks Digg.

Thanks Fellas


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i|D ARE Clan Arena North American CHAMPS



Last night was the finals of the Clan Arena North American Division. It pitted Summit, i|D and ! against one another for North American Supremacy. i|D and Summit squared off in the first match and although Summit had a

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A1 North American iFT Champs


Hey Everyone:

A1 are North American Champs in the iFT Division after defeating oK in a 2 game Championship last night. oK ended up finishing first in the regular season with an impressive record. oK also went undefeated in the

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iCTF Games


Hey Fellas…The iCTF playoff games have been added to the Caledar for July 23/2013.  They are as follows: 8PM oK vs P4F , 9PM RIP vs A1 and SX vs OSX


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iCTF GAME TIMES = 8PM =  ! VS OSX       9PM =  oK VS  ROTN1…A1 VS  P4F1.


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oK WINS A Division


Congratulations to oK for going undefeated in the iFT Playoffs this season and winning the A side of the Double Elim. This week SOG plays Rotn, the winner plays A1,and the winner of that plays oK to decide WGA iFT

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